From Idea to App Store,
We make it happen.

FocalShift provides contract software development, project management, and architectural guidance for clients developing native “mobile-first” applications. We specialize in the design and implementation of mobile software solutions for iOS devices and develop Linux-based backend web services in support of connected mobile apps. Our offices are located in the beautiful Livermore Valley situated within the San Francisco Bay appellation, 30 miles east of San Francisco.

Mobile App Development

We specialize in the design and implementation of native mobile software solutions for iOS devices.  Xcode, UIKit, Cocoa, Objective-C, Swift; these are our tools!  Let our talented development and design team build your next mobile application.

Cloud Services

Always-on Mobile Apps rely on cloud services for user identity, data storage, social interaction and big-data computations. We can develop custom REST APIs to meet the needs of your mobile apps.

Project Rescue

Are you six months into a project that isn’t going as planned?  Running into problems with off-shore developers?  FocalShift can assist with getting your project back on track and ensure your product schedule is met.

Education & Training

FocalShift offers public and corporate training courses covering all aspects of mobile app development. Let our team help your team grow and adapt to these ever changing technologies.

Bennett Smith

Bennett Smith

Founder, iOS Developer

Bennett has been working with Apple technologies since the late 1970′s, developing games and utilities in 6502 assembly language on an Apple ][+ computer. He has been teaching courses on various software development topics for almost as long. He now works as Founder and CEO of FocalShift, LLC. He is a software architect, OS X and iOS developer, experienced agile developer and serial startup junkie.  Outside work his time is mostly spent chasing his son around, going on hikes & mountain bike rides, visiting with family and working in the yard.

Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker

Co-Founder, iOS Developer

Terry is a 20 year software veteran who came to the San Francisco Bay Area from Cleveland, Ohio, and New Orleans, Louisiana. He is an avid ukulele collector and keeps a website,, to document vintage ukuleles for other collectors. When not stairing at computer screen Terry enjoys building things; real things, mostly out of wood, and virtual things, mostly out of iOS. He is Co-Founder and COO of the iOS product and consulting company FocalShift, LLC.

Our Story

FocalShift was started by Bennett Smith and Terry Tucker in 2011 after years of working together at various startups. We are the primary developers for the company, though our team has grown and now includes several talented server engineers with strong Ruby on Rails, Python, C++ and Linux skills.

FocalShift can partner with you to develop and idea from start to finish, take a technical leadership role working with your team as you transition to iOS development, or help you bridge a short- or long-term gap by joining your team. We can also custom tailor our iOS training courses to your needs.