This application was built for an established construction management company. They provide software and hardware tools to help with construction site planning.  FocalShift was hired to build iPad and iPhone versions of an existing Android application called SmartPlan. The application allows the user to download site plans onto a mobile device and view these plans while walking around a job site. By making use of the GPS and camera features of the mobile device, a user can annotate the site plan with details not otherwise seen on the plans.

FocalShift created a universal app using Xcode 5, UIKit and OpenGL ES 1.1 for the client. One of the goals for this project was to minimize the amount of retraining required for users already familiar with the Android version. This required the creation of a number of custom controls that behave like the Android controls.

Key challenges in this project included porting of the custom networking layer based on Google Protobuf, dealing with UI inconsistencies between Android, addressing 32-bit to 64-bit conversion issues and iOS and porting a significant computational geometry library from Java to Objective-C.