Ukulele Dazz

FocalShift built this application to “scratch an itch” as it were. Terry Tucker, one of the founders of Focalshift, is an avid collector of vintage ukuleles. The app was created with the ukulele collector, historian or enthusiast in mind.

Ukulele Dazz is the world’s largest collection of ukuleles in the palm of your hand! A collection of collections, many are world class. Browse to see these and many others. Or search to find something in particular. Working with the large database collected by our website,, Ukulele Dazz gives you instance access to over 440 ukuleles with over 2700 Dazzling pictures – and we are growing all the time.

Back-end services are built using C#, Windows .NET Services and a SQL Server database. A RESTful API exposes search, browsing and management functionality to the mobile application.